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3 Ways to Get a Loan for Expats in Mexico

Can you finance or get a loan in Mexico as an Expat?

A lot of my clients ask me all the time if Mexico offers loans for expats or non-Mexicans.

And the answer is…….


A few banks offer loans to Non Mexican that are looking to invest in this amazing paradise.

However is not the traditional mortgage or loan that last 20 or 30 years.

There are 3 ways that you can finance or extend the period to pay your investment.


The first one is not a loan but if you decide to invest in the “Friends and Family” stage where the developer launches the project you can get between 12 and up to 36 months interest free, to pay little by little the total price of your Real Estate property.. That will depend on your apartment delivery time. Developers will ask at least for the 30% downpayment.


The second option doesn’t apply to all developers but some of them offer between 2-5 years to pay off a partial amount of your property, once you receive it. Some will ask you for 50% downpayment and the rest in a few years.

Please contact your Real Estate agent to see if he or she has some of those developments as a part of his portfolio. In case that you find a developer that offers this kind of deal, the interest rate could be up to 10%

This is something that you need to consider before making a decision.

The good thing about this is that if you put your apartment to rent to vacationers, you will pay the mortgage with the same money that you will create from those rents.


The third way is a few companies that help expats to get Bank loans in Mexico. As far as I know these are personal loans based on your credit score in your own country. Since the amount of money that you will request is not that big. (We are talking about 200 grand max.) The amount of years that they give you to pay off these loans is around 7 years. I will leave a link to those companies and the name of the person you need to contact.

Now, I always advise my clients to try to get a loan first in your own country. The reason is that, depending where you are, you can get a better interest rate in your own country than in Mexico. Here is around 8% right now. I believe in 2022 in the USA it will be around 6%, and Canada around 3%. So, try to check that before. Here are a few companies who offer loans in Mexico for Expats:

- Global Mortgage

- Cash in Mexico


As a disclosure I have to say that this is a personal opinion only based on my experience as a Real Estate Adviser in the Riviera Maya. I am not a lawyer or pretend to give you legal advice here.

In any case, make sure you read your contract and the small letters. Make sure that you understand the fees or what would happen in case you can’t pay off. As I always advise my clients to hire an attorney that specializes in Real Estate for foreigners to help you understand the contract in your own language.

See you next time

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